urely, in the pop-universe, anything is possible…
…but that someone from Viersen near Mönchengladbach starts a world career is a little bit unbelievably but true! That a boy from the Niederrhein produces pop melody’s who are going around the planet through clubs and charts is one of the big success stories of German pop music. After now over fifteen years of big success and 22 million international sold CD’s are all the hits together on one album. SASH!- Best Of. All the songs entered the charts around the World almost everywhere in the top ten positions. SASH! Made a trip into the Business-Class of the charts where normally only Madonna, Ricky Martin or U2 getting the top spots. The first song in 1994 was called CARECA-INDIAN RAVE. After a small success he met up again with his 2 Partners Thomas and Ralf one year later and started a new song under a new name. SASH! was borne.

The first single IT’S MY LIFE came out in 1995 and became straight a club hit all over Europe. But the big breakthrough came with ENCORE UNE FOIS in 1996. A perfect mix from progressive House, trance beats, and of course Pop sounds. After this one hit came after the other. ECUADOR, STAY, LA PRIMAVERA, MYSTERIOUS TIMES, MOVE MANIA, COLOUR THE WORLD, ADELANTE, JUST AROUND THE HILL and WITH MY OWN EYES, GANBAREH, RUN, I BELIEVE, RAINDROPS,ALL IS LOVE, MIRROR MIRROR, WHAT IS LIFE, SUMMER ‘S GONE. The SASH!

Team worked with a lot of different vocalists like Adrian Rodriguez, Shannon, Tina Cousins, Dr. Alban, Sarah Brightman and Boy George. They worked as well in a lot of different languages like Spanish, French, Italian or African. SASH! Is not only successful in Europe, no, as well in the USA (diverse number one hits in the Hot 100 Billboard Dance Charts) in New Zealand, Russia, Australia, South Africa and Japan. Because of the good sound of the SASH! Productions, a lot of famous artists like Jean Michel Jarre, 2 Unlimited, Todd Terry, OMD or Kylie Minogue asked to remix their songs.

After 15 years of SASH! and selling more then 22 Million CD’s the Best Of Album did reach again Platinum status in United Kingdom. In 2012 SASH! did release again a new single named WHAT IS LIFE, and a new album that was called “LIFE IS A BEACH” Now in 2013 the new smash hit is out. This fime featuring Tony T. and the song is called “SUMMER ‘S GONE” At the end of 2013 as well he will release his new studio album under the name: “LIFE CHANGES” But like in the tradition with all the big producers is Sascha Lappessen still a person who doesn’t like VIP Partys and all this glamour, now he is enjoying the perfect form of glory. Living in silence, in his house with swimming pool and sauna,… but not in London, New York or Monte Carlo,…
…he still lives in Nettetal.