Early years; With many achievements from the day he was born until the present time, he leaves us with just one option – reading all of his accomplishments patiently. He keeps his interest in music on a superior level, and has been emerged in it from a very young age until today.

First steps in to music; Moving around different cities due to his family’s work, has given him a lot of experiences. Right now the adaptation to any city he steps foot in only takes 2-3 hours! In these times, he also valued music very highly in addition to Civil Engineering. Back to the high school years, he had formed a 3 person Rap band called “Tatbikat”. He sometimes sang in the group beside producing for the band.

Very first achievements; In 2004, he settled in London and received his Masters in the field of Sound Technologies and Music at SAE Institute, London. Moreover he was elected as the BEST Dj amongst 560 DJs and exhibited his talent as he performed at the MTV party at Popeye Village in Malta.

Production & DJing; In 2006, he released the first solo DJ album, “For Action” and those years he started to work on arrangements for several major artists of the period. After that in 2008, he signed a deal with the world famous audio company “Pioneer”, and established the first and only DJ school. Burak Yeter, has developed nearly 2000 certified students to today.

Amsterdam; In 2009, he launched Connection Records Music Company with his own studio in Amsterdam and started to work for only famous artists.

Diversity; In 2010, he was awarded with the title of “The Best DJ” by “Kral TV” and received “The Best Remix” award as well. In 2012, he released a brand-new single titled “Mr. International” with Hot Rod, who is well-known from his works with the G-UNIT band. This single was released for worldwide and achieved big success in that year. Following single “Storm” even achieved more success that previous one and entered in many top100 dance charts and it was his first official music video.

The Dutch man ; In 2014, he settled in Amsterdam and established ‘’Connection Records Netherlands” with a brand new studio. Burak started to give the courses in the DJ profession in this location as well, under the name of ”Connection Records Bedrijfsgegevens”. He also started to organise events in various venues of Netherlands, as it is growing quickly and is sure to be a major success in Amsterdam as well.

New World ; in 2015 he opened a very new page for his career and started to work with distinguished writers and authors at the best studios.

Tuesday; His biggest production, the smashing worldwide hit. Achieved #1 position in more than 80 different countries and hit 300 millions plays on Spotify and Youtube and brought him many platinum and gold awards.

Spinnin’ Records; Actually he released his very first single of New World project on Spinnin’ Records with gaining the best track of the week on Spinnin’ Talent Pool “Happy”. Follow up single Go and Go 2.0 with Ryan Riback and lately he released “Echo”

The Present Time and Life ; continues his musical works in Amsterdam which is the best place for the professionalism and superb work ethic which has afforded him the opportunity to acquire many valuable long term relationships in the entertainment Industry which has helped mold his incredible team as it is today.

He has a wide audience stretching from America to Central Asia, all very familiar with the works he has done. Up until the present day, he has worked with nearly 50 different photographers and 30 separate designers and continues to expand his relationships and opportunities with people from all walks of life and locations around the planet.

Burak, who has made a big part of his investment in Netherlands, also has a wide range of existence in the internet world at the same time. By way of establishing various websites such as Connection Records, Connection Records DJ School, Burak Yeter Official Page, Burak Yeter TV, Burak Yeter Shopping and Connection Radio Show.

He stays very connected to his audience and makes updates regularly to his fans and followers from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. He continues to expand his vision and talents to new heights everyday, with cutting edge ideas that will surely take the world of Music, Business and Art to uniquely refreshing and unexplored levels in the Entertainment Industry.

Yeter is working on upcoming projects in his studios in Amsterdam, Los Angeles and Istanbul, while DJing around the world.